‘The Bachelor’ episode 3 review: Dominique Alexis drama; Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi hit zero gravity

Dominique -Tonight, “The Bachelor” brought us a lot of crazy — and also a lot of Corinne for the second straight week. She tried a certain whipped-cream bit that we’ve all seen a million times already, she revealed to the other women that she had a nanny, and there was a lot of controversy that came out of Corinne in the bouncy castle “making a moment” with Nick.

Also, we had yet another occasion of a woman being sent home separate from the Rose Ceremony — though this time around, it wasn’t because the two had slept together previously and she made it into a public thing. We’ll have more on that before too long…

Rose Ceremony – Yes, Corinne either got really tired / really drunk and passed out. She may not be the perfect “Bachelor” contender, but at the same time she’s probably the greatest contestant for production ever. She causes controversy, is incredibly ridiculous, and loves the air time. She had a Group Date rose, so there was no concern that she was going to be going home tonight.

As for who did go home at the start of the episode … did it really matter? At this point in the competition you’re basically losing people who you wouldn’t be able to pick out of a lineup by the time the “After the Final Rose” special airs. Danielle L. got the group date rose, maybe because she was the best dancer, or at least the one who was not intimidated by the environment at all.

One-on-one date – The date was legitimately cool — Nick and Vanessa Grimaldi got a chance to head off to a zero-G plane, where they floated around in the air and got a chance to do a lot of really fun, interesting stuff. She did get sick, but he took care of her in the end. This was a great date! Well, the problem here is that at the end of the episode she was infuriated with him over the bouncy castle nonsense (which was merited). Nick did take it too far, and needed to be called out on it given that this is only episode 3.

First Group Date – Backstreet’s Back, all right! The Backstreet Boys were on the show to sell tickets … er, do some sort of dance challenge that was utterly pointless. Corinne, who was fine putting whipped cream on herself or taking her top off to do the “Janet Jackson thing” during the last group date, was all of a sudden insecure about this. Corinne, everyone! She’s great at some things, but then also terribly insecure with others.

Second Group Date – We had the “Nickathalon,” mostly because the remaining women were put through a series of difficult trials in order to figure out if they had what it took to win his “golden heart” — and get some extra alone time with him. The dialogue that Michelle Carter, Allyson Felix, and Carl Lewis were forced to say in this episode was all sorts of horrendous. Interestingly Rachel Lindsay technically won the final race, but it ended up getting rather crazy when she couldn’t grab the ring at the hand. You gotta grab the ring! Technically Astrid won the ring, but Rachel got the group-date rose in the end.

The big drama tonight actually happened after this, mostly because Dominique completely imploded, got incredibly nervous, and seemingly sank her own ship. Nick sent her home at the date, and we felt bad for her because she just seemed really nervous in this environment. The show’s just not right for some people.

Ultimately, this was a decent episode of the show, and one with a pretty good cliffhanger courtesy of Vanessa calling Nick out. We have a feeling that the Corinne saga is only going to get worse and worse from here. Grade: B-.

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