‘Better Call Saul’ season 3 preview: Kim Wexler, Jimmy McGill sift through their issues (video)

Better Call Saul season 3Yesterday, the glorious news was first confirmed that “Better Call Saul” would be premiering … but the bad news is that it was also confirmed that it won’t be up we get around to Monday, April 10. That’s still almost three months away! The show started filming a little bit later in the fall, and that may be one of the reasons why we’re getting things a little bit later.

AMC released this weekend an extended sneak peek, and upon watching it, you get a sense that things are certainly still complicated between Jimmy McGill and his partner-in-so-many-ways-except-as-lawyers Kim Wexler. We know that there’s some love between the two of them, but there’s also not much trust from her end towards him. Why would she trust him at this point, given that he’s given her effectively no reason to do so? This is one of the reasons why the two are not partnered together legally as a firm; even being in the same building with him is something that proves problematic.

What this preview does wonderfully is encapsulate the dynamic between these two characters, and show further that Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn are so fantastic at what they do. Kim knows that Jimmy is a complete albatross in terms of her career, but at the same time, there’s a warmness about him that makes him difficult to avoid.

With that warmness in mind, one thing we do hope that we see at some point over the third season is some hope for redemption for Jimmy’s future incarnation in Gene. While we do know that this is a guy who’s done some terrible things, he’s also suffered mightily for many of them. He’s lost almost everyone he cares about, and there’s no real sense yet as to what happened to either Kim or Chuck. May be did take the coward’s way out of town to live under a new name somewhere else, but we’re so endeared to him because we’ve seen that the character does have a good heart under all of his typical hot-mess characteristics. Therefore, it’s easy to still have some sort of belief that things could eventually turn around for him.

What do you want to see on the third season of “Better Call Saul,” and do you think that this will be the season to feature the departure of Kim in one way or another? Share in the comments!

(Photo: AMC.)

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