‘The Blacklist’ season 4, episode 10 preview: Liz gives Red her thanks

The Blacklist logo any seasonLast week on “The Blacklist,” there was some major movement forward in the story of one Liz Keen courtesy of Reddington’s help. He was able to pull some strings all the way up at the top of the Presidential food chain, and as a result of that, found a way to get her pardoned and back with the FBI Task Force.

Moving into Thursday night’s new episode, we’re going to see an episode in “The Forecaster” that feels similar to some of the earlier episodes of the series. Liz is an agent once more, and Red is the consultant who comes in here and there and lends a helping hand. The sneak peek below (first posted by TV Guide) offers you a sense of not only what is coming up, but also some of the gratitude that Liz has to Red for helping her out in this instance.

Does this sentiment necessarily wash away everything else that has been done over the course of time? Hardly, but consider this the two of them trying to kick-start their relationship once more off of the right foot. She wants to make sure that she dives into her job effectively, and he still has a vested interest in ensuring that he stays close to her and protects her. As for what this said vested interest truly is, this is one of the show’s greatest debates and biggest mysteries.

The case that Liz is investigation over the course of this hour relates to a Blacklister who leaves her clues via a diorama, which is the sort of thing that you don’t typically see outside of the second grade. Maybe this artistic flair will give her more of a sense as to the person’s identity, but in this sneak peek, there’s not enough information to know just how hot Liz is on the Blacklister’s case.

What are your expectations for tonight’s new episode of “The Blacklist”? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now with a comment. (Photo: NBC.)

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