‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: How Nick Viall, the Backstreet Boys team up

BSB -There are many strange traditions out there when it comes to “The Bachelor,” but this is absolutely one of the stranger ones: Getting some impossibly-famous person to come out on the show and take part in some sort of group date. We’ve seen it with big-name comedians like Amy Schumer and Jimmy Kimmel, and on Monday night’s new episode, we’re seeing it with the Backstreet Boys.

At first, it may sound somewhat odd that a band with their level of fame would want to subject themselves to this sort of nonsense, but then you remember that this show is one of the most-popular on TV, especially within its key demographic. If you want to get some good publicity in a fun, lighthearted environment, odds are this is the place to go. The majority of the time the show’s not going to throw some of the most dramatic parts of it on when you’re on the screen; they’ll save that for near the end of the episode so that they can milk the BLEEP out of it for everything that it’s worth. For those of you who watched that “Countdown to Nick” special, remember how they made you think that Kaitlyn or Lauren B. was pregnant for most of it before revealing that Desiree had a kid — which you likely already knew about? They’ll probably due something similar here and allow the boy-band to entertain you along the way.

Per ABC, here is what you can expect when the Backstreet Boys arrive at the mansion Monday:

“After an emotionally exhausting week, the remaining 18 ladies are ready for some remarkable dates. To kick off the week, they are floored when The Backstreet Boys visit the mansion, date card in hand. However, only seven women will head off to meet Nick for this fantastic date. A long day of rehearsing their dance moves with Nick and the chart-busting boy band leads to the bachelorettes taking the stage as back-up dancers in front of hundreds of screaming fans. When one bachelorette is selected to be serenaded on stage with Nick, the others can only look on, green with envy – especially when the couple shares a passionate kiss. At the after party, one desperate woman vows to make up for lost time with Nick, but her behavior and her secret make the other bachelorettes wonder if Nick would even be compatible with her.”

Let’s hope that nobody’s playing games with Nick’s heart … and that everybody is on their best behavior … and that nobody’s left feeling incomplete. Yep, we’re here all week folks! We imagine that there’ll be a little bit more in the way of news on this episode to report once we get a little bit closer to it airing.

What do you think about the idea of this date, and are you more excited for this episode than you would be otherwise? Be sure to share in the comments, and head over here to get some more news regarding “The Bachelor.” (Photo: ABC.)

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