‘Celebrity Big Brother’ spoilers: Brandon Block joins Ray J in leaving house


This season, “Celebrity Big Brother” is starting to feel very much like a revolving door which is quite the opposite in terms of how this game is play (being locked up for an extended period of time). Yesterday, the news first broke that Ray J was exiting the show after a health crisis and some controversy that went along with it (which you can read about here). Now, we’re hearing that Brandon Block is also exiting leaving the show. As a matter of fact, the show’s official Twitter confirms that he has already left the house.

Part of the problem that this show does run into with the whole “celebrity” component of it is that you do routinely cast people who think that they are above the franchise in some way, and they don’t want it or need it as bad as ordinary people who aren’t really famous for anything else except being on “Big Brother”. While non-celebrities will stay in the house as long as possible in hopes to gain fame and fortune from the prize money, celebrities go into the house with all of that behind them already.

In the case of Block, however, there are reasons to wonder if he could’ve just been having a hard time in there (Big Brother is one of the hardest games to play in our opinion). Reports were that he needed medical attention at one point after struggling in the house, and maybe it was taking a physical and emotional toll on him being there. Or, maybe he just could not stand some of the people. It’s no coincidence that the two people who actually left this season are two of the people who are not used to being on the show. They likely thought that this was going to be an easier experience than it was, and when they realized that this was going to be incredibly dramatic and at times rather stressful, they didn’t want anything to do with it anymore.

The show made it clear that some more information will be handed down on tonight’s episode of the “Bit on the Side” aftershow. Given the recency of the news in relation to when tonight’s new episode is airing, it is certainly possible that there was not enough time to cram it into the episode itself.

What’s your take on Brandon departing the house early? Let us know some of your thoughts right now in the attached comments! Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want some other news on Ray J and some of what he’s going through. (Photo: Channel 5.)

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