‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Ray J unhappy about leaving house


Yesterday, there were certainly plenty of headlines when it comes to “Celebrity Big Brother,” and at the center of almost all of them was Ray J. The controversial singer / producer left the house to receive treatment for apparent tooth pain, and he was not allowed back to compete. The show is offering refunds for anyone who voted for him, and they seem happy to distance themselves from him as quickly as possible.

So what happened in between him needing medical attention and him leaving for good? There have been other occasions, even this season, of participants leaving to receive medical treatment, only for them to come back to the house later. Ray J claims (to TMZ) that he is being treated unfairly, especially since in his mind the show producers neglected to get his tooth attended to when he first needed help. He corroborated recent claims that his fellow contestants refused to participate in the show until he received treatment.

Ray J also claims that after going to the hospital and having a little bit of food, he felt fine and was ready to enter the house again; however, they told him that this wouldn’t be possible. There are claims that he could take legal action against the show, which we understand in the context of him being paid a million bucks in order to be a part of the season, but nothing is altogether clear at the moment as to whether or not he’ll actually do so.

For now, the show goes on with “Celebrity Big Brother”. There is a new episode airing tonight, and we have to assume that his exit from the house will be one of the stories that will be further discussed; on this past episode, the only mention of it was in passing. It was so brief, in fact, that viewers could have missed it even if they were watching the episode as intently as possible. There will still be another elimination coming; James Cosmo, Austin Armacost, Angie Best, Stacy Francis, and Heidi Montag / Spencer Pratt are all still eligible to be sent home from the game by the public vote.

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