Is ‘Chicago Fire’ season 3, episode 10 new tonight on NBC?

Chicago Fire -For everyone out there who was excited for there to be a new episode of “Chicago Fire” on NBC tonight, we certainly understand. However, at the same time we come bearing now some pretty-disappointing news: It’s no longer happening tonight, even though it was at one point the plan to see it happen.

So why the change? It’s not because of anything that the show did at all, but rather some changes that came about because of President Obama’s Presidential Address. Due to the Presidential Address starting at around 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, the network felt it to be smarter to delay “This Is Us” to 10:00 p.m. rather than just trying to start it at some odd time on the East Coast. This also makes it easier for people to program it on their DVRs out there.

As for viewers on the West Coast, you are simply going to get a chance to see the same “This Is Us” episode twice. While this is probably frustrating to some “Chicago Fire” fans who are out there, it doesn’t make any sense for NBC to give a certain sector of the audience something without providing it for many of the other people out there, as well. The episode originally planned for tonight will air next week, and you’re going to have a good opportunity to see what comes next for Firehouse 51 then.

If you missed it, we did speak recently to show executive producer Derek Haas, who made it clear that at some point moving forward, we are going to see the return of Louie’s biological father and that this story is not necessarily over. Meanwhile, he also noted that we will see Severide trying to cope with what happened following his recent arrest — and he may change up a few of his habits as a result of what he went through.

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