‘Good Behavior’ season 2: On renewal odds and premiere date hopes for Michelle Dockery series

Good -Tonight, TNT is going to be airing its last episode of “Good Behavior,” or at least its last episode for a little while. As of right now, there’s no word one way or another on when the show is going to be coming back, and that’s a rather sad position to be in when you think about potential distractions that could keep you from enjoying the show to a certain extent.

We’ve said for the past month or so that the show’s probably going to be a toss-up in terms of whether or not it comes back. On the plus side, you do have some sharp, intelligent writing, and you have a capable lead in Michelle Dockery. We still don’t think every “Downton Abbey” viewer out there even knows still that she has a new show, so if you could find a way to recruit some of those people, it could definitely help the overall numbers.

Also, there is certainly growth for a show like this if you are able to do something such as putting the show on a streaming outlet during its months off the air, giving it a marathon or two, or simply finding some new ways to promote it beyond its own network.

Other than its lukewarm-at-best ratings, one of the other reasons to be worried for the show is because TNT doesn’t always have a ton of patience when it comes to the show. This is a network that canceled “Murder in the First” and “Dallas,” two very accomplished series, after just three seasons on the air. They’ve also given the pink-slap to some series very early in their run before. They did renew fellow new series “Animal Kingdom” in the summer, but the difference between these two shows is that “Animal Kingdom” proved itself to be a very stable contributor in terms of most of the overall numbers.

If the show does come back, we imagine that it will start around the same time in the fall; we don’t have too big of an issue necessarily in when the show aired, but this particular fall there were so many other distractions, especially in terms of politics, that may have cut into its viewership at the time it premiered. For a second season, there would be less of that going on.

Should “Good Behavior” get an opportunity for a second season? Vote in our poll below, and you can read our most-recent ratings update when it comes to the show just by heading over to the link here. (Photo: TNT.)

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