‘Celebrity Big Brother’ spoilers: Why did Ray J leave?


At the tail end of tonight’s all-new episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” the news first came out (rather subtly) that Ray J had left the house; however, there was not much in the way of information why.

Now, there are some supposed details coming out, and these could prove rather problematic when it comes to the producers of the show. According to TMZ, the performer had been complaining for several days about severe pain in his teeth, something that escalated over time. The site claims that producers continued to have him film the show, but eventually the cast all rallied together and refused to work until Ray received medical attention. At that point,  he did start to get some care, but eventually was hospitalized over the pain. Apparently, there are several issues that he is dealing with.

The show itself hasn’t commented on any of this just yet, so it will be interesting to see precisely what the reasoning is for his departure when it comes out. If you remember, Ray was given $1 million for signing up, easily the biggest contract signed for this entire season. We’re not sure precisely what happens to that now.

Overall, we’d say that the entire Ray J experiment was a little bit of a bust. You got a little bit of Kim Kardashian gossip out of him, but nothing that was altogether interesting. Beyond that, he was fairly boring given that he slept a whole lot, and didn’t spend very much time engaging in conversation or getting to know anyone. He seemed content with chilling out, collecting his money, and then going on his merry way.

Perhaps the biggest bit of irony of all here was that Ray J left on an episode where we spent the vast majority of time watching Austin Armacost complain and threaten to leave. Yet, it was him that actually ended up doing so in the end.

Do you have any big reaction to Ray J’s quick departure, and will you miss him on the show at all? Share below, and head over here to get some other news when it comes to the show! (Photo: Channel 5.)

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