Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 20 review: The state of things for Rachel, Danny

Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 20 reviewIt has been a seriously long wait for a new episode of Hawaii Five-0 season 7 ,and with so many really juicy storylines still needing some closure the wait has felt even longer.

For Friday night’s new episode, one of the most interesting parts of it was seeing the show bring back a loose end that hasn’t been addressed in over a year: Rachel. Danny’s ex reentered the picture at school, where it was revealed that she and Stan were getting a divorce. She was clearly distraught over the news, but she told Danny that they fought to make it work however long they could.

Yet … was Rachel still in love with Danny? Being that he’s a cop, he’s not the sort of person who is very good at letting things go. Therefore, he tracked down Stan and learned in the process that she may still have feelings for Danny.

At the end of the episode, Danny did pay Rachel a visit at home, and she made it clear that she knew about him reaching out to Stan. He offered that he would be there for her in any capacity that she needed, mostly because he knew just how painful it was dealing with divorce the first time around. That was especially true when it came to telling Grace. While we don’t know if tonight’s episode changes the Rachel / Danny relationship at all, this was still a sweet story that gave us a chance to see the softer side of the character.

The kidnapping case

The main storyline for the episode featured another returning character in private investigator Harry Brown. He and the Five-0 collaborated on a case involving a kidnapping, one that proved to be rather difficult just because of the fact that the man at the center of said case didn’t seem to be all that upset about it. His wife Celine was captured, but he wasn’t all that interested in paying the ransom. Things eventually did change, but only after his mistress Natasha was taken. It showed his true colors, and the wife felt a tremendous sense of guilt when she was eventually released. The kidnapper realized clearly that the wife wasn’t going to be the one to be worthy of the ransom money, and that changed the game. She didn’t want Natasha to die, so she did her part to help the Five-0 team figure out a way to rescue her. The great news what that they did! One of the suspects was killed, and they were left to search for the others.

Here’s the big twist — it turns out that the “guilt” that Celine was feeling over Natasha being kidnapped was completely phony. She was in it all along. Harry specifically pointed out that her kidnapping was different than what happened to Natasha, and even her release from the hostage situation was staged. The evidence was there to put her away, and she was found out and locked away behind bars.


This was a worthy return to the show after several weeks off. The main case was somewhat straightforward, but there were soem nice moments sprinkled in throughout. Specifically, the end of the mystery was exciting and unexpected — also, we got a few good moments in here for Grover as he saw his daughter get accepted into Northwestern. Let’s just say that getting into a good school does have financial drawbacks. Episode grade: B+.

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