Hawaii Five-0 season 7, episode 18 review: Will Yun Lee returns as Sang Min, also is Danny retiring?

Hawaii-Five-0-Sang-Min -Will-Yun-LeeWith tonight’s installment of Hawaii Five-0 season 7, episode 18 we are expecting the action to ramp up! How can it not with an appearance from Will Yun Lee’s Sang Min! We don’t really have that many episodes of Hawaii Five-0 left until the end of the season rolls around in May, so the masterminds behind the show are going to want to pack in as much as they can to round out the season. With that being said, May is still a few months off, so get ready for some reruns to air (starting with next week’s episode).

Last week we saw Alicia reunite with her daughter after thinking she was dead, but this was not a happy ending. While her daughter may be back at home with her, Madison is still playing mind games as she tried to manipulate Alicia into killing her. Madison pulled out all the stops, saying that her daughter will never be safe even if she’s behind bars and although we didn’t see Alicia pull the trigger and kill Madison, we did hear her tell 911 that she needs to report a murder right before we heard a shot fired and the screen go black. Now all we want to know is – did Alicia kill Madison?

When Steve returns home he finds it broken into and blood everywhere and our first instinct was that Alicia was there. Instead it’s a blast from the past – Sang Min! What is he doing there? He tells Steve that he had a friend call him asking to bring a refugee family onto the island (nothing too illegal this time), only he was played. There was no family in the container – instead a man burst out and started shooting people, including Sang Min. Steve tells him to stay put until he investigates the situation and while he’s asked for Kono to babysit him, that’s clearly not happening if she can help it.

We may not be getting answers on the Alicia/Madison drama this week, but we are dipping back into the stolen uranium plot from a few weeks back. Someone is running around Hawaii with enough uranium to blow up half the island! So who is this man that shot Sang Min? He’s a top bomb maker, and with that uranium floating around, it spells trouble. After things go sideways, this bomb maker now wants off the island and finds Sang Min to make it happen, but Sang Min has other plans. Sang Min lures him into a trap with the five-0 team, but they end up having to kill him. Unfortunately this story isn’t over for the team as the Five-0 unit were the targets for the bomb.

We have not kept our love of Steve and Danny’s bromance a secret, so whenever we get to have the two of them working together in intense situations we are happy reviewers. Watching Danny and Steve try to slowly drive a bomb through the jungle was incredibly intense, but they tried to break up the tension by talking about a list that Danny made containing the top 30 things he wants to do when he retires. Even though the list was private, Steve saw it and now he’s panicked about the idea of Danny retiring… as are we. Steve is really upset that Danny didn’t trust him enough to tell him after working together for so many years, and we have to agree with him. Why wouldn’t Danny tell him since this decision effects him too? Our hope is that this was a list for the much more distant future and as it turns out, this is Danny’s plan. Episode grade: A-

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If you are looking for a preview of what’s coming up next on Hawaii Five-0 then head on over to the link here. This episode won’t be airing until March 10, but you can get an idea of what to expect. (Photo: CBS)

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