CBS shows interest in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ spin-off ‘How I Met Your Father’

Late last month, the news first came out that there could be another attempt made at a “How I Met Your Mother” spin-off in “How I Met Your Father,” one that will follow a similar convention to the original CBS show but, naturally, be flipped around.  Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger (“This Is Us”) are writing the script for the new series, and original showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are both expected to be involved in some capacity.

So could this show end up landing on the same network as the original was? For the time being, there are no guarantees of anything for a wide array of reasons — with the principal one being simply that there is no script for the new series yet. Speaking (per Deadline) at TCA today, the network’s programming head in Glenn Geller had the following to say:

“We haven’t seen anything, we haven’t been pitched anything … I’m excited to read it when it’s finished, and it could potentially be a project for us.”

There probably isn’t too much of anything to make from this sort of statement, given that we figure that Geller would probably say the equivalent of this even in the event that he was not interested at all. There’s no reason to publicly knock a project before sitting down to read it. This show has the potential to be something great, just because the original was for the vast majority of its run and we’re not going to look at the ending as something that invalidates the entire show just because we didn’t love it. CBS seems on paper to be the most natural home for the show just because the original aired there, but remember that 20th Century Fox TV is the actual studio behind this. They could keep the new show in-house over at Fox, where there would probably be a smaller degree of pressure for it to do well in the ratings right away.

Provided that “How I Met Your Father” is good and actually worth seeing, where do you want it to end up? Let us know in the comments, and we will have more on the series once it becomes available.

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