‘The Flash’ season 3 spoilers: Keith David to voice gorilla character in Grodd two-parter

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While it was already confirmed that Gorilla Grodd was going to be returning to “The Flash” for at least one more episode coming up in season 3, isn’t it nice to know that it’ll be double the trouble for Barry Allen and company?

We mean this in two separate ways; we know that there are going to be two episodes now featuring Grodd, and we also know that another prominent CGI gorilla is going to be featured. While at TCA yesterday, it was announced that the amazing Keith David (“Community,” “Enlisted,” many other things) will be around for these two episodes voicing the prominent comic-book character Solovar. He is another hyper-intelligent ape with superpowers, and is the leader of Gorilla City, the world that Grodd was transported to back during the show’s second season. He’s an ally of The Flash in the comics, and we have to think that he will fulfill a similar role within the realm of the show.

Now, the larger question is how long this character could be around given that Solovar is going to be in clear danger. In the comics, Grodd shows an interest in overtaking Gorilla City, so our clear assumption here is that he’s going to be interested in doing the same thing here. The most dangerous thing about Grodd as a character is the clear notion that he is not anywhere near the full extent of his power yet. We met him when he was still in his infancy as a character, and while off in Gorilla City he may be honing his telepathic abilities further. Here’s to hoping that he does not end up coming back to Central City anytime soon. Even with more allies on his side at this point, this is still not going to be an easy villain for The Flash to take out.

In the end, we don’t imagine that Grodd will become more than a character that we see a few times a year; the budget probably won’t handle more than that, especially when you’ve already got another prominent character in Savitar who is created using some of the same technology.

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