‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ episode 3 review: Did Chael Sonnen, Ricky Williams, Eric Dickerson get terminated?

Chael SonnenOn the last episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” we saw the women’s team get pummeled as they lost Carnie Wilson and Carrie Keagan. Is this a sign for things to come or is this the week that the women really come out swinging? With star power as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s expecting some pretty big things – as big as the cigar he smokes at the end of an episode. Is there anyone else out there wondering how he’s managing to smoke that thing indoors? Aren’t there laws about that?

Welch’s Grape Juice is the product the teams are working with this week and will be creating a 8-10 minute segment promoting how healthy their juice is. With this being Los Angeles and everyone being obsessed with having healthy lifestyles, this was a great challenge for the landscape. Project Managers are Laila Ali (who is in nutrition school right now) and Chael Sonnen – the two fighters are going up against each other!

The Men: Chael picks Ricky as his right hand man and that quickly gets strained when Ricky doesn’t agree with some of the ideas of their talk show concept. There are so many ideas being put into this concept: A song, a talk show, a comedy routine – it’s a little messy. Chael feels good about his idea, but he’s said that he’s got a plan if he’s brought into the boardroom and we are thinking that he’s going to throw Ricky under the bus. Even though he’s Chael’s right hand man, he may be a dead man walking since the show seemed to make it look like all he did is put grape juice under everyone’s seat – which is actually kind of brilliant. Making the audience part of the presentation is just smart (and we did see them drinking the juice!). The men’s presentation was just as messy as we thought it would be: The energy and entertainment was there, but it was hard to really focus in on the juice at all.

The Women: Porsha is throwing out some fun silly ideas, but Laila doesn’t want to in that direction: She wants it to be more of a serious daytime talk show with a cooking segment to show all the different ways to use the grape juice. When one of Arnold’s advisers drops by and impresses the importance of comedy we wonder if Laila is going to put that humor back in – but she’s not interested. Laila is a very different type of project manager then what the women have already experienced: She’s laser focused on having her vision come to fruition no matter what. This can be a good thing if the idea is solid, but after hearing that Arnold’s team wants to see some silliness and Laila not listening we think they may be in trouble unless the men’s team drops the ball (and we feel that they did). The  presentation was okay, but when Porsha started to ramble on too long, Lisa had to interrupt her which didn’t look that great. Luckily Laila’s cooking segment went very well and we think that they probably should’ve just done a whole cooking segment all about the different ways to use the grape juice.

Boardroom: The boardroom was a little strange this time around. We had the women all being very complimentary of each other (and Lisa giving her very honest opinion – can we say again how much we love her?), but Chael was already picking out who he was going to burn to the ground and who he would burn to the ground another day… and they hadn’t even won or lost the challenge yet! There was no runaway winning team, but for us the women were the winners – and Arnold agreed with us.

Who did Chael decide to bring back with him? We knew Ricky was going to come back with Chael saying that Ricky poisoned the well. The other person he brought back was Eric after he said in front of everyone in the boardroom that he “doesn’t care if he gets fired”. When they come back into the boardroom the first thing that Arnold says is that he wants all three of them to “fight like heck” to stay, so for us we think that Arnold already had his mind made up to send home Eric before he even heard any of the arguments. And he did… Eric was terminated.

For us, this wasn’t a particularly exciting or fun episode of the show. Welch’s was a great product, but we thought both teams missed the mark. While the women’s team did a good job promoting how good the product is for you, their presentation was boring. The men had a lot of creativity and it took away from the branding and nutritional information of the juice. Episode grade: B-

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