‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Sunday show: Tricking Bianca Gascoigne; useless Calum Best drama


While the past few editions of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Channel 5 were interesting and notable for one reason or another, we do have to say that, by and large, there was not anything altogether earth-shattering about the show that aired.

Still, we found a few different elements of it far more entertaining than they had any business being. Take, for example, a series of tasks designed solely to make Bianca Gascoigne look as oblivious as possible in the game. First, Jedward had to convince everyone to eat pizza without her knowing that it was there. From there, James Cosmo had to bring a pony around the house, and then there was a DJ party that took place without her. For some reason, watching people be completely unaware of the mess going on around them remains endlessly entertaining.

Also tonight, we got a few good laughs out of James Cosmo referring to himself as the Lord Commander while running about the house. It’s still incomprehensible why he is even a part of this show since he really doesn’t need it, but we’re starting to appreciate him very much as entertainment.

The drama department – Jasmine tries to “choose” between beaus, and this was simply boring. The sames goes with some other relationship nonsense in the house. We watch this show primarily for the drama, so suffice it to say it’s a little disappointing to see the show end on a little bit of a whimper over some gossip regarding whether or not Jasmine is leading on Jamie by leading him on as opposed to Calum Best. Spencer then accused Coleen Nolan of making a “power move” in riling some of these people up in proclaiming that Calum is a “one-night stand kind of guy.”

Overall, we don’t think that you missed all that much in the event that you missed the Sunday edition of “Celebrity Big Brother.” While there were some moments of great entertainment in here, at the same exact time there are far more interesting episodes that we’ve seen in some time.

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