‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Boy George, Kyle Richards respond to Donald Trump’s latest boasting

Boy George -

For whatever reason, we thought that this new season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” was going to be immune for the most part of Donald Trump nonsense, but we were wrong. Instead, the former host decided to bash the show and its lower ratings earlier this week, despite the fact that he is technically an executive producer and in theory makes money off of it doing well.

In what is a clear sign that the rapport between some of the participants on the show this time and the host in Arnold Schwarzenegger is different than it was with Trump, we’ve seen over the past couple of days of the people taking part of the show standing up for it. Specifically, we’ve got the tweet below from Boy George stating that people who are boycotting the show now have a reason to watch, mostly because Trump would hate it if they did. (This is one of the theories as to why the ratings are down this time — which is funny, given that Trump may bashing the show for a ratings drop that he largely caused.)

These same sort of comments were echoed by Kyle Richards, who said largely the same thing in a new interview with TMZ.

We do think that it would be hilarious to see the “Apprentice” ratings go up just to see Trump’s head explode, but that’s probably not going to happen. His continued involvement as executive producer will likely keep most people away, as will the heavy competition that is out there in “The Bachelor.” This is a show with such a large stake in the Monday TV audience, it’s just harder to compete with it and there were likely a bigger pool of available viewers two years ago when the show was last on the air. Since that time, we’ve seen more network viewers drift off to check out some other things.

For the record, the former California Governor has kept things classify, imploring Trump to focus on the country and seek unity among the parties. It’s a great idea in theory, but if the ratings are bad again for the coming episode, we imagine that he will speak out once again. (Photo: NBC.)

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