‘Blue Bloods’ season 7, episode 11 preview: A surprising cheating scheme

Blue Bloods season 7On Friday night’s new episode of “Blue Bloods,” we are going to see Tom Selleck’s character of Frank Reagan faced with yet another moral dilemma, and this time, it’s over something that you don’t often hear a whole lot about: Potential NYPD cadets cheating on a psych exam.

One of the reasons why this particular act is so unusual, by and large, is because it’s tied to an exam that doesn’t technically have right or wrong answers. It’s an assessment, yet clearly the people responsible for said cheating want to figure out a way to manipulate the system into whatever they want it to be. That, as you would imagine, is an enormous problem, and it’s something that if it continues, could spell a major issue. If cadets are willing to cheat to become cops, what does that mean when they are on the force?

Unfortunately, Frank learns soon after hearing about the cheating that booting them won’t be easy. After all, we’re speaking here about military veterans, and doing anything drastic could be a PR nightmare. Therefore, there has to be a proper solution that helps to mitigate what happened so far, and keep it from happening again. Changing the test is the first part of this, but you also need to find and track down the people who are responsible for originating it and putting everyone into this messy situation in the first place.

While there are some other storylines that are going to take place for Danny, Jamie, and many other main characters, the Frank one here is especially fascinating just because you’re dealing with two extremes. On one side, you have cheaters; yet, on the other, you have heroes.

(Photo: CBS.)

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