‘NCIS’ season 14, episode 12 preview: When will Mark Harmon, cast return for ‘Off the Grid’?


After a little bit of time off for the holidays, “NCIS” returns tonight with an episode entitled “Willoughby.” You’re going to get a chance to see Bishop and Qasim work together during the episode, and also an operation so notable that the mere mention of its name leads various members of the team to careen off in different directions.

So where do we go from here? How about an episode entitled “Off the Grid”? Everything about this installment on paper suggests that it will be interesting — how could it not be with that name? the only sad thing about it is that we’re going to have to wait for a little while longer to see this come on the air (though technically there is plenty of other sad stuff tonight that we’re going to be recovering from).

As of right now, CBS is not planning to air a new installment next week, with the biggest reason for that being simply a matter of them having some other business that they likely have to attend to — namely, President Obama is going to be giving his farewell address at some point on the night. In airing repeats, they make things a little less chaotic. This episode will come on the air instead on January 17, and hopefully at some point before that we’ll get a little bit more of a chance to see precisely what lies ahead in terms of the story.

Typically, we tend to get synopses from the network a little bit beforehand to give us a good sense as to precisely what is coming up. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case this time around. If we get a promo a little later tonight, we’ll be sure to update this article. (It’s unlikely we will, since we’re talking about an episode a little ways away.)

For now, let us know what you’d like to see about this episode in the comments! Something far away from DC could be fun, as we’d get a good shot to check out some of the team’s survival skills. Given what happened in tonight’s episode (especially given that apparent character death), the show’s got its work cut out for it.

Meanwhile, be sure to head over here for all things “NCIS”! For those wondering, we’ll have a full review for tonight’s episode published a little bit later in the night. (Photo: CBS.)

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