‘Sherlock’ season 4: More (sad) Mary Watson confirmation

Sherlock season 4It may sound weird on the surface to even suggest that we shouldn’t take what happened on Sunday’s “Sherlock” premiere at face value, but this is unfortunately what the state of the TV industry is. There are so many characters who either come back from the dead on shows, or appear dead only to somehow come back to life.

However, that is not going to happen this time around. Speaking per Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Steven Moffat confirmed that they weren’t “playing games,” and that the character was in fact gone. Not only that, but he explained precisely why Mary acted so quickly in order to save someone she considered a “friend” in Sherlock Holmes:

“… There wasn’t a lot of time to do anything about it. Throughout the episode, she’s really quite protective of them. She’s actually better at all this than they are. She regards them as a couple of talented amateurs. She doesn’t make a huge decision about it, she does what she can with no time to think.”

Ultimately, the moment of heroism was a great one, and it is a nice way to remember the character — though with that being said, we obviously do wish that we were getting a chance to see her around for a little bit longer this season. After all, we did anticipate that we were going to get a chance to have that happen for the entirety of the season.

Let’s hope that moving forward, Amanda Abbington does get some offers to do some other great stuff, and that her death doesn’t end up being something that is forgotten about. Sherlock needs to be there for John, and at the same time, we do also think that he’s gotta figure out how to be there for John, given that this is not even remotely his forte.

You can see a further preview for what’s coming up on “Sherlock” by heading over to the link here. (Photo: BBC One.)

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