‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ finale video: Peter complains about Jenn (again)

Real World -Stop us when this one sounds familiar: On Wednesday night’s season finale for “The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood,” you’re going to be seeing a certain somebody in Peter upset. He’s going to pout, he’s going to complain, and he’s going to start up a ton of drama when something doesn’t go the way that he thinks that it should in his mind.

In the sneak peek below, you get to see specifically how he reacts following what we saw in the first sneak peek for this episode, where his girlfriend Jenn decided to take home a drunk and sick Jordan rather than wait around for him. He still seems incredibly angry about it, and Jenn interestingly enough doesn’t seem to care that much. It’s not entirely clear if this moment is coming before or after she and Anna get into a physical shoving match; our guess is before, given that it’s hard to imagine her still being there afterwards roaming about the house. There’s too much of a precedent for removing people after these sort of situations.

We should note that we’re no relationship expert, and maybe these two are just suffering from being stuck in the same situation having nothing to do or think about other than each other. In the real world, maybe this is a little bit easier to function because there are so many other options that are available to them. For the time being, though, we have to concentrate the discussion on what we’re seeing — and the biggest thing we’re seeing is that Peter has a difficult time handling things when they aren’t going his way. This is something that he desperately needs to figure out in the event that he is able to move forward in his relationship and be equipped for it to last.

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Also, let us know what you think is the biggest problem plaguing these two in the house. (Photo: MTV.)

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