‘Sherlock’ season 4, episode 2 promo: Focus shifts from Watson tragedy to Culverton Smith

Sherlock season 4Next week’s new episode of “Sherlock” is in a slightly different light now than ever before. We already were intrigued by what it could bring, but the stakes area higher and, as the promo below makes it clear, it is no longer a game anymore.

This episode will bring you your first extended look at Culverton Smith after you saw him making a brief cameo via a billboard in tonight’s episode. This is a man who is incredibly smart, incredibly shrewd, and arguably the most notorious of any foe that Sherlock Holmes has been forced to square off against so far. Just look at the passion in which Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is firing off regarding him! It takes more than just your garden-variety baddie to have Holmes this upset, and we certainly do think that this has to mean that he could end up pushing too hard. A Holmes unhinged is a wonderful Holmes for us to watch, but we cannot say the same for the majority of people who end up encountering him within this world.

If there is one thing that makes Smith all the more fantastic as a character (albeit a terrifying and unlikable one), it is the fact that the show managed to get on-board none other than Toby Jones. This is an actor who probably would have received far more credit for his take on Truman Capote were it not for bad timing, and he was one of the best things about “Wayward Pines” during his time on that show. He is a true chameleon, and with that, there is still some sort of ambiguity regarding just how he will play this incredibly evil man.

There’s no guarantee that Smith is dispatched on next week’s episode; if he is not, that certainly would raise the stakes for what would be an epic season 4 finale (and possibly series-ender down the line). Given that we just lost Mary and we’re left with a John Watson who may be filled with inconsolable grief, it’s fair to say that we are kicking things off on a pretty emotional note so far.

We’ve already posted what show co-creator Mark Gatiss had to say about the surprise death of Mary tonight over at the link here, and we strongly recommend that you check that out. Meanwhile, tell us your first impressions of Culverton as a villain in the comment box below! (Photo: BBC One)

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