‘Bull’ episode 10 promo: When self-driving cars kill?

Bull -You’ve been waiting (probably) patiently for some time to get a little bit more news regarding “Bull,” and the good news is that said waiting is almost at an end! There’s a new episode airing on Tuesday night entitled “EJ,” and the preview below gives you a sense as to what’s going to be an exciting — but also different — episode of the show.

For one, this episode is using more cutting-edge technology than ever before, and we say that knowing that Bull and his team have been using trial science since the start of the series. Michael Weatherly’s character is going to be doing his part to help a powerful CEO named Ginny Bretton (Justine Lupe) try to handle a difficult lawsuit, one where one of her self-driving cars seems to be responsible for killing someone (the promo certainly makes it seem dramatic). These are all the rage right now, but are they starting a “Westworld”-esque revolution where they are becoming sentient, and taking out the people previously responsible for driving them? EJ seems to be the name of the car (hence the episode’s title); is this just the beginning of it finding a larger personality?

Okay, we’ll submit that end of this past paragraph was a conspiracy theory better suited for an episode of “Castle” than with this show.

The complication that Bull may run into is that while he tries his best to protect Bretton and her company, at the same time he’ll learn that she is harboring an important secret from him, one that could alter the entire course of the trial. Could this be the sort of thing that turns the tide, and causes him to lose his first present-day case on the series? We’re definitely not ruling it out.

While you watch the promo and share what you think is going to happen in the comments, we suggest that you also head over to this link to check out a casting suggestion we made recently regarding one of Weatherly’s former “NCIS” co-stars. (Photo: CBS.)

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