‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ spotlight: Is Carnie Wilson’s dream (of winning) still alive?

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We’ve made it, folks: The final “Celebrity Apprentice” spotlight for 2017 is here! We’ve got no idea if we’ve save the best for last or not, but with Carnie Wilson, we’re at least pretty darn sure that we’ve got someone here who is going to be entertaining however long that she’s on the show. She’s a big personality, and there are some parts of personality that make us think that she’s going to do very well this season.

Before we dive in, just a quick reminder that you can see all of our spotlight articles for this season over at the link here. This one’s been fun!

Claim to Fame – Member of iconic singing group Wilson Phillips, who produced a number of hits including “Hold On” and “Release Me.” (Yet, the title is a reference to one of their songs.) She’s also done some reality TV here and there and is a frequent guest-host on CBS’ “The Talk.”

Charity The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. It’s an organization that serves to help people receive the medical care that they need in order to live happier and much healthier lives. Basically, it’s a chance at a new start.

Strengths – Given that there is typically a fundraising component to this show, we always say that people who are either from the Los Angeles area or are familiar with it have some sort of inherent advantage. We certainly think that this has to be the case with Carnie. She’s come to know a ton of people over the years, and we don’t think her Rolodex is similar to many other people. She’s also someone used to being in front of an audience and creating concepts and ideas — which should prove very useful in this environment.

Weaknesses – Her collaboration skills are really going to be put to the test here! Some of her fellow contestants describe her as being overly intense, and this could be something that we have to watch out for since it could lead to her being targeted by some of the other players. We do think that sometimes, you can be a little too intent on showing everyone what a big threat you are, and in turn, making yourself into a target.

Prediction – Carnie is one of those contestants who, if she can survive the first few weeks, could be a contender to win in the end. We don’t think she’s ever going to be under the radar, and that could make her a quick target — but also someone who is very impressive if she can just … hold on for one more day. Sorry about that one.

What’s your take on Carnie as a contender this season? Be sure to share below!

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