‘Madam Secretary’ season 3: Elizabeth and a ‘Gift Horse’ (video)

Madam Secretary -A week from Sunday, “Madam Secretary” will be returning to CBS with new episodes, and it is only fitting that at the center of the next episode “Gift Horse” is precisely that: A horse, which was handed down to Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) by the Mongolian government.

While this horse may not be a Trojan one (that’d be surprising entering 2017), it could have a similarly adverse effect. After all, Elizabeth points out that there are some diplomatic challenges that come with taking the gift, including that it could be seen as an endorsement or an agreement of the country’s views. Also, it’s a horse. Where in the world is the State Department going to put that? Obviously, there are some stables out there somewhere, but transferring it back is going to be no easy task.

There may be many complications that come about as a result of this story, but we will say that there is a rather substantial part of us that just enjoys the plot for the comedic potential of it all. That’s not something that we often get from “Madam Secretary,” but at the same time, neither is an episode themed around a horse, which is tied very much into the country’s culture.

This episode is going to be airing on January 8, and there are going to be many scattered episodes over the next several months. At the moment, the biggest cliffhanger that we have is the warning from Sam Evans that he is going to file suit over Ohio, which could give him an electoral college villain that would render the Congressional vote irrelevant. With this in mind, Elizabeth and Dalton will have to figure out whether or not they want to leak the news about Evans’ medical condition. It could be the thing that could tip the scales in their favor, but it also goes against their ideology.

If you were in Elizabeth’s shoes, what would you do with the horse? Share in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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