Bones season 12 series finale review: Brennan and Booth leave us in tears

Well we are here folks: The Bones series finale. The last episode set up some really nice moments going into the last episode like seeing Cam and Arastoo get married, learning that Angela is pregnant and seeing Zack Addy cleared of the murder charges against him. That being said we also saw Booth, Brennan, Angela and Hodgins locked in the Jeffersonian while multiple bombs went off. Clearly, Bones wants to go out with a bang (pun intended), but this is a show that like s to lean towards a message of hope for the future, so we don’t expect this bomb to be the end of our favorite characters.

We started the Bones series finale with the aftermath of the bomb and to say it was rough is an understatement. Everything was destroyed, broken equipment everywhere, piles of bones, and while Booth, Angela (the baby) and Hodgins are all okay, Brennan is hurt and in the worst possible way… her brilliant mind has been damaged. We are thinking that this will only be temporary since as we’ve said, this is a show that likes to leave fans with hope, but if they want to give us a heart attack they’ve done a great job of that. Once they are rescued from the building, Brennan is examined and while she has no internal bleeding, she does have a contusion pressing up against her brain. This isn’t taking away her memories, but what it is doing is stopping her ability to process complex information – the exact thing that makes Brennan who she is.

While they did end up getting Kovac and his sister in the end, (well sort of, he died in a fiery crash) the dislocated bone in Booth’s hand was enough to help kick Brennan’s mind back into high gear. As always, Booth and Brennan complete each other in a way that no other TV couple does.

With the lab still being in shambles, it looks like everyone’s going to be off work for a while as workers repair the building. Aubrey may be single, but it looks like it may not be for long! Karen hears about his break up and brings him two buckets of fried chicken (as we all know the way to Aubrey’s heart is through food). After seeing the way they smiled at each other when he invited her up to eat with him, along with his decision to stay in DC, we could see this being a thing if we had more episodes. Cam reveals that she and Arastoo are taking these next 6 months off because they are adopting three boys from foster care! When we thought we couldn’t love them anymore – they go and adopt (and if you know us, we are very pro-adoption so we love this storyline). With Cam off becoming a mom, the interim director of the lab is now Hodgins!

We also had a trip down memory lane with Booth and Brennan with one very important moment… Brennan tells Booth that once the lab is rebuilt that she is going to hang the broken clock from when the bomb went off in her office. When Booth asks why she would hang up something that is a reminder of when “everything” almost ended, she tells him that it’s a reminder that it didn’t. And with that… we have hope for a season 13 revival at some point down the road!!!

We expected there to be tears tonight, but we didn’t expect to be crying like a baby throughout the entire finale. The moment they revealed that Brennan’s mind had been damaged we were sunk. We knew they weren’t going to leave her this way, but Emily Deschanel’s performance tonight was breathtaking and heartbreaking. We love the science mind that she has and it’s what makes her so incredible to watch, but seeing this emotional side of her and being so conflicted about who she is if she doesn’t have her intelligence made this finale one for the books. Episode grade: A+

What did you think of the Bones series finale? Did it do the show justice and was it satisfying? Leave us a comment in the box below and tell us your thoughts on this finale.

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