Bones season 12 episode 10 review: Betty White, Sharknado and David Faustino

Betty White Bones

Only a few episodes left of the finale of Bones, but we still have 3 more episodes to get through before it’s time to break out our tissues and start sobbing like a baby (and I promise you we will be). Tonight we are looking at Bones season 12 episode 10 and we know it’s going to be a good one. Hodgins found the body of the apprentice (before Zack Addy), but not only that, there is blood on the shirt cuff. Who’s blood is it? The team is hoping that it’s the lobbyist because this would be enough evidence to exonerate Zack – and isn’t that what we all want before we reach the end of the road?

Want more Betty White cause we do! Brennan and Booth ran into Dr. Mayer tonight at a diner and while we were hoping that she was going to end up at the Jeffersonian to help on the case of the week, she’s lost her passion for her work. After speaking with Dr. Mayer further, Brennan starts asking her how she knew that she lost her passion for her work and we immediately start to wonder if this is going to be Brennan’s end game… could she be losing her passion? Is she thinking of retirement? It seems more so that she thinks Wendell’s heart isn’t really in anthropology and after talking to him, he agrees. That being said we think that retirement could be a good ending for her character, and with what we saw of Booth tonight, it’s possible that he might be ready to take a step back as well.

Booth is giving Aubrey lead on the case of the week, but it’s not that easy for Booth to let go of the reins. Is it really because Aubrey drives like a grandma or is Booth not able to give up control? We can see why Booth would want to be part of this case since it’s so much fun revolving all around B-movies (and we even had a shout out to one of our favorite movies Sharknado)! We had a dead body that was connected to a movie called Radioactive Party Panthers starring Married With Children star David Faustino (another fun cameo), but is he the killer? He may not have been the killer, but it was a nice reminder of just how funny Faustino is. After cracking the case, Booth reveals to Aubrey that he was up for a promotion and that solving this case showed the higher ups that Aubrey has what it takes to move up the ladder.

We were hoping to learn more about the apprentice and that blood found on his sleeve tonight since we really want to see Zack Addy released before the series ends, but Bones is clearly saving the meaty storyline for the two-part series finale. That being said we are thinking that tonight’s case of the week  might be the last one we ever get from the series so we were happy to have it. More then anything we feel that may have started to see Booth and Brennan’s possible end game tonight – retirement. They have both been doing this a long time so it might make sense that it’s time to step back a bit and focus on their life together. Episode grade: B+

What did you think of Bones season 12 episode 10? Leave us a comment in the box below and tell us how you think the show is going to end. If you want to know what’s coming up on the next new episode of Bones (which is a two part finale!) then click on the link here and check out our preview. (Photo: Fox)

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