‘Bones’ season 12, episode 7 review: Did Brennan lose her father?

On the last episode of “Bones” Hodgins found enough proof to help clear Zack Addy, or at least he thought he did. He found a microbial signature on one of the bones that Brennan missed (shocking we know, but it could happen). When he brought this finding to Cam, she not only questioned the finding, but she also suggested that Hodgins could have planted this evidence to help clear Zack. We were a little surprised that Cam would think Hodgins would do this after working with him for so many years and knowing what kind of man he is. Is this going to change their relationship?

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update about Brennan’s dad, but tonight we are learning quite a bit. Last time we saw him he was hiding a hospital bracelet and was clearly having some health issues that he didn’t want Brennan to know about. We were worried that the show was leading towards his death, but we saw him tonight and he has a healthy glow about him – and Brennan noticed too. After he comes inside from a “private call” he had to take on the front porch, Brennan confronts him about his strange behavior since he now seems to have had new life breathed into him. He comes clean about the fact that he had heart issues, and got a pace maker put in without telling anyone and since then he has been feeling great.

Brennan takes the news about her father hiding his health issues really badly to say the least. She’s not only hurt that he hid something so serious from her, but we can see that she’s feeling bad that she couldn’t have been there for him and that he went through this without her support. Booth thinks that Brennan should give her father a break since he obviously kept this from her so she won’t worry about him, but she loves her father and wanted to have been there for him while going through this.

Tonight we also dipped back into the Aldo Clemens story. He killed himself after being tortured as a way to keep a secret for Booth – that he killed a warlord and someone is looking for revenge. The case tonight involved an elderly woman that was tortured in a similar way to Aldo Clemens making another person Booth knows (named Mike) possibly being in danger too. Booth thinks that the killer tortured her as a way to torture Mike, and once he learns that the killer eventually slit her through, he knows that the killer got the information he needs… and later Mike is found dead too. So who is after Booth? After finding a picture of a man named Mark, (and doing some digging) he learns that this is the warlord’s son. Booth talks to Mark and he reveals that he was adopted when he was 6 and barely remembers his biological father.

Booth and Aubrey don’t believe Mark (even more so after Caroline brings them some off the books information), but they need more to bring him in. Things get a little weird when Mark comes in to see Booth, saying that he thinks someone is trying to pin this on him since the bodies have been found at Mark’s wife’s real estate listings. While Mark is trying to explain his side of things, Caroline tells Booth that there’s been a shooting at the safe house that has his kids and Brennan’s dad. They rush to the safe house and their kids are fine, but Brennan’s father has been shot. While Brennan goes to the hospital with her dad, Booth starts investigating how this safe house was breached. The team figures out that they were found because of Brennan’s father’s pace maker using it as a GPS. Booth has enough to put Mark away!

Unfortunately we lost Brennan’s father tonight and while it wasn’t in the way we thought (bad heart problems), it still happened. The moments leading up to his death between him and Brennan were beautifully emotional, and it’s another reminder of just how underrated Emily Deschanel is sometimes as an actress. These moments where she is so soft and raw are everything we watch this show for and we hope that the Golden Globes watched this episode tonight and consider her for a statue. Episode grade: A

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