‘Bones’ season 12, episode 5 review: Aubrey faces his father, Brennan struggles with her book

Last time on “Bones” we lost Aldo Clemens as he made the sacrifice of his life to keep a secret for Booth. He knew that Booth was the shooter of a warlord in 1995 and it seems that someone is out looking for Booth (and revenge!). For now that storyline seems to be stable, but we feel confident that it will surface once again. We also saw Aubrey struggling with the idea that his fugitive father was surfacing and was worried about how he would arrest him if he ever did show up.

Brennan’s new book has come out and while she’s excited that it’s out, she’s not that thrilled with the audio version. She’s upset at the person her publisher chose as the narrator (not a fan of the way he reads), so she wants to re-record it with her own voice and reissue it. Booth on the other hand is trying to get her to let her publisher do their job, but she won’t listen. Brennan’s publisher tells her that she can make a recording and send it in as an audition and she gladly accepts the challenge… her recording is one of the funniest things we’ve seen on this show and will be You-tubing this scene later to watch it again an unhealthy amount of times. In the end she decides not to send in the recording – probably for the best.

We also saw Aubrey was reunited with his father! He wasn’t sure how he was going to react (this is his father after all which makes it all a little murky), and his first instinct was to arrest him, but instead his father convinced him to sit down and talk. Against his better judgement, Aubrey decides to talk to him and his father tells him that he has a half brother. Armed with that knowledge, Aubrey decides not to arrest him knowing that his half brother would them be without a dad, however he’s also not telling Booth or anyone else that he has seen him (although Booth pretty much knows anyway). So what is Aubrey going to do? When he meets up with his father again Aubrey decides to have him arrested by Booth and after a call in to some people he knows Booth finds out that the kid isn’t his half brother.

While “Bones” is a crime show that deals with some serious murders, this show knows how to balance humor in a really nice way. Not only did we have Aubrey dealing with body goop falling on his nicely pressed suit (and an entertaining discussion about which dry cleaners can best clean blood), we also had a kid stealing a street sign for “Boner Street” and Hodgins accidentally releasing a serious amount of spiders in Cam’s office. We were in need of a good laugh tonight and “Bones” delivered. Episode grade: B+

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