‘Bones’ season 12, episode 3 review: Are Booth and Brennan considering another child?

On the last episode of “Bones”the viewers learned that Brennan’s dad has some serious health problems, but she has no idea. He was dropping hints through out the episode, saying things like “living life to it’s fullest”, and at her birthday party he accidentally dropped a hospital wristband. Is he going to die before the end of the series?

Hodgins had a wheelchair accident and wasn’t able to make it to the scene of this week’s crime, leaving everyone wondering exactly what happened there. So what was the accident? One of his wheels popped off while he and Angela were having sex in his wheelchair – seems that Hodgins really is feeling better after his encounter with Zack Addy. This wheelchair action brought up the talk of having more kids between them. With kids on her mind, Angela asks Brennan if she and Booth are planning on having any more kids, and this leads to Brennan having a talk with Booth.

Are Booth and Brennan really wanting to expand their family since right now they seem to be in a really happy place at home? They both agree that they don’t want any more children, but when Brennan suggests that Booth get a vasectomy the conversation goes south. Looks like that’s not much of an option! The more they talk about it though, they realize that while they don’t want kids right now, they want to still have the option if they change their mind down the road.

All of this talk of kids also sparks a conversation between Camille and Arastoo about their future and whether or not it will involve having children. She tells him that she’s looking forward to being married to him, but not sure when children will happen – Arastoo sounds like he would be ready to start a family with her right there in the lab if he could. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be pregnant and he suggests they adopt… and that’s exactly what she wants too. As much as we enjoy the other couples talking about expanding their families naturally, we are huge fans of adoption and were thrilled to have talk of it included on the show.

With this being the final season of “Bones” it was great to have our characters talking about their future involving children.  It kind of gives us a road map to where things might end up in all of these couples personal lives since there are no further seasons to tell us those stories.

The case of the week reminded us of a mix of “Stranger Things” (with 3 young nerdy friends out on adventure) and “Dexter” season 5 (with bodies being dumped in barrels). This was a lot of fun! Also we want to talk about tonight’s guest appearance from June Squibb who plays “mean grandma” like no one else on TV. Tonight we saw her beating a fellow houseguest with her cane in an elderly home, but we’ve also seen her play Sheldon’s grandmother (MeeMaw) on “The Big Bang Theory” who has a mean streak in her that would raise the hair on the back of your neck. Episode grade: B

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