‘Bones’ season 12, episode 2 review: Brennan throws a surprise party, but who is it for?

Bones -The premiere of “Bones” brought us excitement and mystery as Booth, Brennan and the Jeffersonian team we able to prove Zack Addy’s innocence on a case and catch the real killer, but it wasn’t all smiles and high fives. After having felt some pain in his legs and thinking he was on the road to recovery, Hodgins ended up losing all feeling in his legs again. We wondered if he was going to revert to being as unhappy as he was before, but this seemed to have set him free. With acceptance, we saw him back to being his old self again.

Brennan is still sifting through Zack Addy’s files trying to find enough evidence to prove his innocence when it comes to the death of the lobbyist and right now all the evidence she has is inconclusive – which is a good start. At least the finger isn’t pointing directly at him anymore and with Zack having such a rich history with this show, we want to see him getting cleared of all of this.

Angela is getting a bunch of “unknown number” calls on her phone that she’s promptly ignoring (as we all do – we also block them), but when they keep coming in she decides to finally answer it. So who is calling her? The person on the other end tells her that she’s the recipient of the very prestigious MacArthur Fellows Award and everyone’s very excited for her, except for Brennan who seems somewhat happy for her, but also a little jealous that Angela is receiving this honor before her. This attitude brings us back to when we first met Brennan when she was a lot more focused on herself, but we are 12 seasons deep now and have seen her character grow way past this. We are going to chalk this up to normal jealousy, since we think many people would feel happiness mix with jealousy in this situation.

Brennan’s jealousy isn’t ending there. Daisy has asked for a reference from her for a big job and while she says that she will give it to her, Brennan warns her not to get her hopes up since Daisy is very young and the job is quite prestigious (with the NFL!). Well done Brennan, way to give your friends and co-workers a bit of encouragement. This leaves Daisy worried that Brennan may tell the NFL that she’s not ready for the job (or a number of other things that would stop her from getting it), but for us we just don’t want to see Daisy leave the team. It would be nice to see her go off to this job at the end of the series, but to take her away from us this early is just mean.

Also, it’s Brennan’s 40th birthday and in true Bones fashion, she’s planning her own surprise party since she feels it’s the only efficient way to get exactly what she wants (and she isn’t wrong about that). She tells Booth that she doesn’t want any gifts, but who doesn’t love getting gifts? Booth gives Brennan the ultimate birthday gift and it’s an approval for an appeal for Zack, and she loves it! When they get to the surprise party, the big surprise is that Brennan has included a cake for Daisy (who got the job) and for Angela getting the award. Turns out she’s the one that recommended them for the job and the award! A really nice twist that we didn’t see coming.

While the main case of the week wasn’t that exciting for us (the robo-apocalypse isn’t really our thing), we enjoyed seeing all the different professional developments happening – especially Hodgins flying through the air over his giant map! We are hoping that Daisy’s job with the NFL doesn’t start until closer to the end of the season so we can stop from crying our eyes before the finale. We suspect there are going to be a lot of tears happening through out these last few episodes, especially now that we have learned that Brennan’s dad is sick. Her heart is going to break when she finds out and in turn break ours. Episode grade: B

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Bones” and do you think Brennan’s dad is going to die? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts. If you want to know what’s coming up next time on “Bones” season 12 then just click the link here and check out our preview for the next episode. (Photo: Fox)

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