‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will Susannah Milan from San Diego find love with Nick Viall?

Susannah -If there is one thing that we learned above all else in prepping this edition of our “Bachelor” spotlight series, it’s this: It is incredibly difficult to poke fun of someone whose job is an account manager. There are no easy jokes there! Susannah Milan is probably one of the more down-to-earth contestants on Nick Viall’s season, mostly because she’s not someone with some modeling career or a fashion line or seems to be there for a brand. Maybe she will like the attention that comes with the show, but for now there are no warning sides that she wants something else more than a relationship with Nick Viall.

If you look below, you can see precisely why we think that Susannah could end up being a contender this season — but also why we could see her being forgotten at some point along the way.

Age – 26.

Occupation – Account manager. She’s been in the finance business in some shape or form for many years, so this isn’t a fly-by-night career for her.

Location – San Diego, California. Given that California does have more people than any other state — and as a result of that, probably more potential applicants — we’re can’t be surprised anyone pops up from the area on a season of this show.

Things to know – While she is grounded in terms of her career and likely her life, there is still something about her from her bio that makes us think that she still has some sort of philosophic idealism and will want to give in to the whole idea of the “fairy-tale,” otherwise known as the sort of thing that so many people associated with this show do love to talk about. She is impulsive enough to travel on a whim with her friends, which probably is the same sort of impulsiveness that made her want to be on the show.

Also, we like that she has a sense of humor. Here’s what she claims to be her most embarrassing moment: “When I tried to look sexy picking up a pen in front of my high school crush and banged my head into the table.”

How is she actually going to do? – There are a few different groupings of contestants for this show — you’ve got the people who are cast on this show to be the pot-stirrers, and they tend to go fairly far. Then, you’ve got the wacky personalities, and they almost always make it at two or three weeks. Finally, you’ve got the seemingly-normal contestants, who either go home in the first two weeks and are completely forgotten about or are still there at the end. Susannah falls within this range.

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