‘Supernatural’ season 12, episode 9 photos: Castiel and Mary team up to find Sam and Dean


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While the “Supernatural” winter premiere is still many weeks away from airing on The CW, at least today the folks over at the network were willing to bestow a rather-kind gift upon us: Some new photos all about the first episode back! This episode will air on Thursday, January 26, and it’s going to be doing a few different things that should prove exciting.

First of all, how about the idea of Castiel and Mary teaming up on a rescue mission? These two could become the unlikely buddy-cop duo to save them! Well, at least possibly. The fun that comes out of this for us is that these are two people who still have a little bit of a “strangers in a strange land” vibe going on, and now they have to do their best to actually bring home Sam and Dean — and one of the best ways for them to do just that is by communicating with ordinary people and gathering up some evidence.

The other thing that makes this episode stand up almost right away is that the Winchesters are not being held prisoner here seemingly by either monsters or the British Men of Letters — it really just seems to be the government, who thinks that the two of them are behind some sort of nefarious scheme with the President. It’s kinda true, but it was Lucifer they were actually after and there’s no way these people would ever buy some of that. They think Sam and Dean are bad guys, and so this is a different sort of mission than usual. Can you really throttle people who, seemingly, are just trying to do their job? We don’t like what they’ve done, but that doesn’t change what their intention may have been.

Given that this is “Supernatural” and it wouldn’t be nearly as fun watching Sam and Dean’s prison routine for the next ten or so episodes, we presume they’ll be out sooner rather than later — what happens from there should be what we have to watch out for.

Want some other news on “Supernatural,” including some scoop on some other Castiel episodes coming up? Then be sure to head over to the link here now! Also, let us know what you want to see in this episode, especially from Cas and Mary, in the comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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