On NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ and the latest round of silly Adam Levine – Blake Shelton rumors

VoiceAt this particular point in time, it should not be altogether surprising that “The Voice” is a show that continues to get attention no matter when it’s on — it’s one of the highest-rated shows out there, and it also has big stars attached to it.

With that in mind, it (of course) makes sense that there are going to be some pretty epic rumors associated with it. That just doesn’t mean that any of these said rumors are true.

This brings us to what is the next major order of business today: Addressing some of the chatter that is out there when it comes to some of the rumors regarding the coaches. Are Adam Levine and Blake Shelton really going anywhere between now and the start of season 13? It’s possible, but for the time being nothing is confirmed and there has been zero talk about them departing or taking on other endeavors instead.

The one thing that we are fairly sure of is that there is no talk of replacing them at the moment. Therefore, why are we even talking about someone like a Christina Aguilera, a Jennifer Lopez, or any other artist under the sun stepping into their chair? There will probably be a time to discuss this if they ever do leave, but that time for the time being is not now.

Here is what we do know at present: The lineup of coaches for the spring season is Adam, Blake, Alicia Keys, and the return of Gwen Stefani. Miley Cyrus is supposedly going to run for season 13, and we imagine that one of the appeals for Blake when it comes to continuing to work on this show is the opportunity to work alongside someone in Gwen who he’s dating in real life. Beyond that, there are many financial reasons for Adam and Blake to continue doing the show: The two earn a nice salary, and the gig does help expose them to more people when it is time to sell records or tour tickets. It also grounds them in a specific place for a while, which not artists have a chance to do.

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