‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will teacher Sarah Vendal find true love with Nick Viall?

Sarah -It’s easy to give someone like Sarah Vendal credit for having the guts to go on “The Bachelor.” She took time away from her job as a teacher to be on this show, and she also runs the risk that something happens on here that is so ridiculous, it leads to people giving her a hard time at work in the future. Even though she may be from California a.k.a. the land of people wanting on the show for fame, it’s hard to imagine she is. She feels fairly normal, and a possible good match for Nick Viall.

Of course, being a “possible” good match doesn’t actually mean much of anything, and we’re set to get into that further in the latest edition of our show spotlight series below.

Age – 26.

Occupation – Grade school teacher. Specifically, Sarah teaches second grade, but we’re not going to post any more of her information here.

Location – Newport Beach, California. We love Newport Beach! It reminds us of “Arrested Development,” and we could hang out around the Balboa Pier pretty much all day and be more than happy. (Fun fact — we were down there one day in the fall and there were filming notices around for an ABC reality show. Pretty easy to figure out which one it could be, no?)

Things to know – She’s “socially Democratic” and “economically Republican,” and kudos to her for even writing that down given so many people think you are either / or. Ironically, everyone in America may now think she’s the devil given how much these two parties hate each other right now. On a lighter note, we like that she put down a “puppy” under what sort of animal she would be if she could choose, which very much feels to us like the right choice there. Someone cares for you, feeds you, and loves you. Pretty good life, right?

Yes, Sarah did name-drop Olivia Pope at one point in her bio, which may be on its way to becoming the biggest pet peeve of the new season just because it feels almost like “Scandal” product placement at this point.

In terms of her life experience, what is probably the most interesting thing about Sarah is that she did the storybook thing of moving to New York with almost no money to her name, and managed to stay there for over a year! That’s a tough place to last longer than a few weeks if you’re brand-new to the city.

How is she actually going to do? – Sarah is interesting, and she could be appealing to Nick if she gets a chance. We also like her ability to stand out as one of the few contestants this season with shorter hair. While we worry she may not be aggressive enough to win, it’d be surprising if she was booted on the first night just because there are no major red flags.

How well do think Sarah will do this season? Share in the comments, and head over here to see some further spotlights of Nick’s contestants! (Photo: ABC.)

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