‘Chicago PD season 4, episode 9 video: Burgess meets her new partner!

The wait for new episodes of “Chicago PD” has certainly been a long one with the holiday hiatus taking everything off the air, but here’s the great news: It’s just about at an end! There is a new installment of the show airing in just a few days now, and as a reminder, it’s airing at a special time which is Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern. We have a feeling that you’re going to want to watch for the hour before that, though, given that this will give you a chance in order to see precisely how Severide (on Chicago Fire) manages to get himself in such a legal pickle that Lindsay is forced to investigate him.

For the sake of the sneak peek below, we’re talking specifically about the character of Burgess, who as you may recall, received a rather fantastic promotion to Intelligence at the end of the first part of the season. This job promotion is something that we’ve been waiting to see happen for a long time and with the carousel of partners she’s had over the first half of the season since Roman left, it was time for her to move up to the cage with Voight’s team. This allows her to work more with the other main characters on the show, but it’s no guarantee that things are going to go smoothly for her.

Specifically, she is going to run into a slight problem upon learning that her new partner is Al Olinsky and he doesn’t seem to be all that interested in working with her. He seems to be more than happy to keep doing his own thing, and working with the people he already knows.

Over the course of this episode, you can expect it to be made a little bit clearer as to why Olinsky is hesitant to want to work with her, and some of his reasoning may surprise you. Meanwhile, Burgess is going to continue to do everything that she can to try to prove herself on the job, but she may find some aspects of it a little bit harder than she first realized. What’s interesting about this story for her is that this is a chance for new viewers to potentially get a good reintroduction into the world.

The one thing we are really interested to see is how the downstairs front desk and people like Trudy are incorporated into the show since Burgess is no longer a beat cop and really there’s no one filling that role any more. Is the show going to bring in two new patrol cops to give us that side of the “Chicago PD” again or is that part of the show over now?

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