CarterMatt Awards 2016 results: Clarke and Lexa (‘Clexa’) of ‘The 100’ win Best Couple

For the first time so far this year at the CarterMatt Awards, we have ourselves a repeat winner!

Earlier in the results announcements this week, we announced that Alycia Debnam-Carey was awarded Top Actress for her transcendent work as Lexa on “The 100” in the process, we also announced that it was the biggest margin of victory percentage-wise in the five-year history of doing these awards. This time around, the vote was a little bit closer, but the result is still the same: Clarke and Lexa are your resounding winners of Best Couple.

This was still a commanding win for Alycia at the awards, as Clarke and Lexa drew slightly over 75% of the vote. This victory deserves special commendation given that there were well over 100,000 votes cast by the time polls closed on December 24, making this one of the most-popular categories of the year. Hook and Emma of “Once Upon a Time” scored a respectable second place with just over 22% of the vote.

So what made Clarke and Lexa so beloved this season? We feel like there’s no way to answer that with just one thing, but we think a lot of the popularity stems from what they represented: A strong, confident LFBTQ couple on TV that stood for something, who loved each other, and had chemistry that surpassed the majority of the other couples out there. They were an inspiration, and how they managed to find each other in the midst of such a chaotic world gave hope to so many other people out there. People saw themselves in the two of them. We also want to continue to stress the performances of Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor in bringing Lexa and Clarke to life, since in lesser hands the same impact may not have been there.

The criteria that we made in differentiating Best Couple from another category in ‘Ship of the Year (we’ll be announcing the results of that one shortly) is that this voting was all about a couple who was either together at the time voting started, or would have been together were it not for a character leaving a show via some means. Had Lexa not been killed, we do firmly believe that Clexa would still be going strong moving into season 4.

Mass congratulations to so many fans of the character out there; hopefully, the continued popularity of this relationship with inspire other strong, inspirational couples to be born on TV moving forward.

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