‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will Dallas attorney Rachel Lindsay make an impression on Nick Viall?

Rachel -It doesn’t take a whole lot of research to learn that Rachel Lindsay is one of the contestants who is getting the most attention prior to this season of “The Bachelor,” and it’s fairly easy to understand why. She’s one of the more accomplished people showing up with an interest in Nick Viall, she’s been highlighted numerous times by people on the show, and even when you just think about the people Nick seems to be into, she definitely seems to check off most of the boxes.

So what makes her such an interesting contender this season? Let’s look at figuring that out in the latest edition of our show spotlight series below.

Age – 31.

Occupation – Attorney. She was admitted back in 2011, so she has been working in the field for some time now. (There’s actually a web page still up for her professionally, but we’re not going to link to it here since we’re sure her firm’s going to get a ton of unwanted phone calls from show fans over the course of the coming weeks.)

Location – Dallas, Texas. She’s got the best of both worlds when it comes to connections to the franchise and to Nick. Dallas is a hotbed of notable contestants in between Sean Lowe, Jake Pavelka, and JoJo Fletcher. Meanwhile, Rachel also went to law school in Marquette, which happens to be located in Nick’s home state of Wisconsin.

Things to know – We’ll let Chris Harrison take it away on this one, since he had the following to say about her to Yahoo! in his annual article about contestants to watch:

“Rachel is an attorney from Dallas, which of course I love. I love my Dallas people. She is an incredibly smart, very strong-willed, professional woman. She knows how to command a courtroom and therefore a room in general, so she can kind of impose her will on everybody. That is not a recipe for having an easy go in the house with the women, but it does help when trying to make sure you get noticed by the bachelor and get your time with him. But can she let down her guard and be soft enough for Nick too? Because as much as he likes strong women, he’s a sensitive guy too. She is one of many whom fans — and women in general — can get behind and root for.”

We think that her casting type is clearly going to be “the woman who spent her twenties focusing on work and is still looking for love.”

How is she actually going to do? – Rachel’s going to be impressive to Nick almost right away, and there’s an obvious comparison that can be drawn here to Andi Dorfman given that both of them are very intelligent, driven women — and Nick was certainly interested in Andi at one point. We have a feeling that Rachel is probably going to last on the show for a long time.

How well do you think Rachel is going to do on “The Bachelor” this season? Share some of your thoughts in the comments, and head over here to get some other spotlights! (Photo: ABC.)

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