‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ spotlight: Can WNBA icon Lisa Leslie win big in the boardroom?

Lisa Leslie -

There are always a number of professional athletes cast on a given season of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” but even with that being said, we do think in particular that getting Lisa Leslie on board is pretty inspired casting. When you think for a minute about some of the most iconic athletes out there, she’s a pioneer for an entire league in the WNBA! She’s the first player to ever dunk in a WNBA game, she won multiple championships, and she’s a part of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Granted, we’re not sure how any of this is going to translate into being someone who does well on this show, but we’re certainly interested to learn if there is any correlation! That seems to be the perfect transition into the latest edition in our show spotlight series below.

Claim to Fame – We feel like we really did a good job already of spelling out Leslie’s entire career, but we also should’ve mentioned that almost all of this was centralized around Los Angeles. She’s from the area, went to school at USC, and played for the Los Angeles Sparks for the entirety of her career.

Charity Semper Fi Fund, an organization who helps to provide financial assistance and support to wounded Marines and their families during difficult times.

Strengths – You don’t become the biggest star of a fledgling sports league without a lot of determination, and a willingness to break down barriers and try new things. Leslie is probably one of the hardest-working members of any team, and the fact that she played in a sport that is all about teamwork should help her further. At 6’5”, she’s going to stand out in a crowd — therefore, you can put her out on the street for various fundraising tasks and get her to try to lure people in. (We especially like the visual of her and Snooki right next to each other.)

Weaknesses – We know that Leslie could be ruthless on the court to her opponents; in the boardroom, we’re not entire sure. As with any athlete, we wonder if she’ll be fully comfortable in this environment, and also whether or not she’ll be one of the people who creates in a task as opposed to being one of the people who executes other ideas. This is a great strategy to last for a long time, but it’s not necessarily one to win.

Prediction – It would be tremendously exciting if Leslie were to be the person who ended up winning this season at the end of it. However, as of right now we envision her as someone who will finish somewhere in the middle of the pack. She’s not going to do anything wrong to get fired, but we don’t have the background on her as a creator to know whether or not she will be able to make the moves necessarily in order to win.

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