‘Vanderpump Rules’ video: Jax Taylor takes too many supplements, needs surgery

Vanderpump Rules -

While the vast majority of shows are off the air for the night (think the aftermath of the Christmas holiday), we’re happy to say that there is a new episode of “Vanderpump Rules” on the air tonight! Kudos to Bravo for having the guts to air one, and we do hope that this move pays off for them in the ratings. (Really, it gets so slow around the holidays that we do very much wish that this is something that more shows would consider.)

Now with that said, we cannot exactly say that this is going to be an altogether happy episode for some members of the show’s cast — namely, Jax Taylor, who based on the sneak peek below, is going to be in need of medical attention following an incident with taking too many supplements.¬†Specifically, after developing gynecomastia he may need surgery in order to correct the issue. Anytime you’re dealing your health, it can be scary, so with that we of course sympathize with him.

Given that this show does constantly have a whole lot of crammed episodes, there’s going to be a lot more going on throughout it. The synopsis below should give you a pretty clear indication of what is coming up across the board:

“After a vicious fight with Stassi and Katie, Scheana must decide whether she’ll still go with them on Stassi’s birthday trip to Montauk. Meanwhile, Lala begins to dread Ariana’s Sonoma birthday trip when she learns she’ll be stuck in close quarters with Jax. Finally, Lisa must decide whether to rehire James after he makes a sincere plea to get his DJ job back.”

Basically, we’re going to be traveling a little all over the place, and there are some big decisions that have to be made beyond just what is going on when it comes to Jax and his medical condition.

After this episode airs, check back a little bit later in the week for some other news regarding what could be coming up next on the show. (Photo: Bravo.)

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