Will ‘Poldark’ season 3, ‘Victoria’ season 2 have their own Christmas Special?

Given that today is Christmas Day, it’s a time to really kick back, relax, and watch some of your favorite shows — provided that you’re in the United Kingdom. This sort of tradition is hardly a traditional at all in America, but it’s still something that we hear about often stateside.

Some of the specials we do tend to hear a good bit about are ones like “Doctor Who,” “Call the Midwife,” and “Strictly Come Dancing,” which are specials that we’ve covered in some shape or form over the course of the night. So what about some other favorites? Well, let’s spend a moment or two discussing them.

“Victoria” – This show proved itself to be an enormous hit on TV earlier this year, drawing some great ratings even in spite of some heavy competition from “Poldark.” Now, here’s some of the other great news that we’ve got for you: This show will be giving you a Christmas Special next year! While we don’t imagine that Jenna Coleman will be playing the Queen at Christmastime per se, this will be a chance to get another welcome dose of the holidays.

“Poldark” – Meanwhile, a Christmas Special still doesn’t seem to be altogether much of a priority for the BBC drama starring Aidan Turner, which also draws high ratings and is beloved by many. We do understand this especially with this sort of show — it’s very serialized, so separating one episode from all of the others, especially when it is so dependent on them for context, is far more difficult than a show like “Call the Midwife,” which has a rather different story every week with a few connecting threads.

Of course, if anything here changes in the coming years, we’ll be sure to let you know below!

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