‘Criminal Minds’ season 12: What Reid, Garcia, JJ, and even Hotch want for the holidays

Criminal Minds -We’ve been doing a good many holiday-themed pieces as of late discussing what many TV characters could want to help ring in the holiday season, and for the most part, we’ve considered a good number of them to be funny. We’re sure that there will be a couple of sillier responses somewhere in here in this “Criminal Minds” article, as well, but we’d say that at the same time, there are also a few serious things that could be discussed within the context of this show, given that there are some difficult things that some of these people are going through right now.

Before we dive in, let us of course wish everyone out there a wonderful holiday, no matter whether you’re celebrating Christmas Eve today or the beginning of Hanukkah. Also, it’s hard to know what newcomer Stephen Walker wants since we’ve only seen a few seconds of him!

Reid – This one is easy: For the holidays, we’re sure that he would want nothing more than to see his mother get better. It would probably take a miracle at this point, but this is Christmas and you obviously want to believe that said miracles can happen.

Rossi – Over the past few years we’ve really had a better opportunity to get to know his family, so for both him and for us, we have a feeling that his big wish this year is to be able to spend as much time with them as he can.

Garcia – We feel like she probably wants Morgan to come struttin’ back into the BAU with a big red bow on his forehead — to be honest, we kind of want that, too.

Prentiss – She’s already got the promotion, and that didn’t seem to be something that she was really asking for in the first place! For her, we feel like one of the things she probably wants both for the holidays and moving forward is stability, which we have to assume is rather hard to come back in a job like this.

Alvez – He may just want to know why Garcia acts the way she does towards him…

JJ – We don’t want to go back to the blanket “she wants more screen time” meta-joke we’ve used in a few other articles, so let’s just say that she probably just wants opportunities to help as many people as possible. For us, we want to see a couple of episodes of Badass JJ coming up soon!

Hotch – This one’s probably just as easy to call as Reid: Hotch wants Mr. Scratch to go bye-bye so that somehow, he can find his way out of hiding. (Maybe a part of this wish will come true, but we doubt Thomas Gibson’s going to be coming back.)

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