‘Chicago PD’ season 4: What Lindsay, Halstead, Voight, and others want for the holidays

Chicago PD -Earlier today, we got together what was a fun little article designed to put you in the festive spirit, one in which we wrote about what many of the different characters from “Chicago Fire” would be wanting for the holiday season.

Did you really think that we would forget about the gang over at “Chicago PD“? That’s what this article in our holiday-themed series is all about! Obviously, there are some spoilers coming up over the course of the remainder of this, so know that going into this if you haven’t caught up on the show.

Olinsky – We’re not sure if the actually wants this, but our feeling still is that there’s probably a big part of him that just wants to have his own private island somewhere that he can get away from people. Granted, we’re not sure what sort of crimes he’d investigate. Could Olinsky: Bird Cop be a thing?

Lindsay – At this point, probably a mother who doesn’t suck at it. Olinsky may have a better chance of getting an island.

Ruzek – Probably to grow a permanent cop- beard, mostly because there are still times after four years we see him and think for a split-second that he’s Halstead. Also, for the higher-ups at the PD to have no problem with beards.

Voight – Possibly a throat lozenge, or a more serious note someone to spend the holidays with at this point.

Atwater – A larger role in more than just a few episodes in a season.

Platt – How about a desk? Given that Burgess just got promoted, it’s going to be interesting to see how the show manages to include her now.

Halstead – We really want to say an engagement ring to give to Lindsay, even though we’re sure the show isn’t going to go this route so soon after Casey and Dawson got married in “Chicago Fire.” Doesn’t matter, since we’re going to say it anyway: An engagement ring to give to Lindsay.

Burgess – A stable partner she can learn from, whoever that may be.

New episodes of “Chicago PD” are going to air on NBC starting January 3. What would give your favorite character for the holidays? Share below, and be sure to head over to this link to get some other news related to the series and what could be coming up next. (Photo: NBC.)

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