‘Chicago Fire’ season 5: What Casey, Dawson, Severide, Boden, and more want for the holidays

Chicago Fire -Happy holidays, all fans of One Chicago! We’re getting set to get ready for an epic feast on our end, but before we do that, we thought it would be fun to do one more article in our ongoing series detailing what some of your favorite characters from “Chicago Fire” want on this particular holiday season.

Obviously, there are some spoilers ahead based on where we are in the show this season, so be sure to read on with that in mind!

Casey and Dawson – We don’t really think that there is a reason for the two parties to have individual wishes this time around, since we really think that they are ultimately interested in the same exact thing right now: Peace and happiness for their new young family. Louis’ biological father has just turned up, and they’re going to want to protect him given how little they know about this man.

Severide – Knowing Kelly, he’ll probably just want a gift card to Molly’s. They’re not gonna be giving him free drinks all the time! (Also, does Molly’s even sell gift cards?)

Boden – We feel like he needs something material like a 4K TV. Given how much stress he takes on and how much he gives to other people, doesn’t the guy deserve to just kick back for a night? (Side note: We wonder if in the One Chicago universe he watches “Boston Fire” or something like that.)

Brett and Mouch – While it may not be possible, they probably wish for a way for them to still be able to publish their romance stories. Rules be damned!

Otis – We don’t know if he wishes for it, but we kind of want a love interest for him. Also, we sort-of ‘ship him and Stella after the mud-run episode, even if we know the Severide contingent is out there as well.

Stella – She’s starting to become immersed into the group, but more than anything else she’d probably want further opportunities to bond with everyone.

Herrmann – Given the recent hijinks at Molly’s, we feel like he probably wants some sort of hypnotism device so that he can make everyone who enters the place behave and not drive him up the wall. Also, the ability to keep Otis from doing any more crazy schemes.

Cruz – He hasn’t had enough happening as of late to come up with anything tangible, but what we’d really like for him is to have a good, meaty storyline where we see more of his past and dive deeper into his relationships with the other firefighters.

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