‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 12: What Meredith, Alex, Owen, and more want for the holidays

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Before we dive any further into this particular “Grey’s Anatomy,” let’s start this one off with a hearty Merry Christmas Eve Eve! We suppose that if you are reading this in certain parts of the world like the United Kingdom or Australia, maybe it is technically Christmas Eve already (or Hanukkah!) and you are preparing some plans for the remainder of the holiday. For everyone else, odds are these are just sugar-plums dancing in your head.

This is the latest chapter of our ongoing series, where we try to do our best to hand out worthy gifts to a wide array of recipients. Hopefully, you’ve have a fun time checking this out — “fun” is probably not a word you use to describe a serious show like “Grey’s Anatomy” very often.

Meredith – We don’t necessarily think of her as someone who wants a concrete gift. She probably would want something a little bit more abstract like peace, stability, or Alex to get over how he feels and not accept the plea deal. (Meredith in this sense is ALL OF US.)

Alex – At this point, Alex really needs to be gifted a round-trip ticket to Maui or somewhere else (maybe the beach where Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard chilled for a while?) to help with everything he’s going through. Granted, you may need to date this ticket for months down the road depending on what happens with the case.

Jo – We like to think that the character at the moment wants one of those huge canes that people use in vaudeville to yank people off the stage so that she can YANK ALEX RIGHT OUT OF THERE. Maybe we’re making this too much about Alex, but he’s been at the focal point of everything as of late.

Amelia – She probably needs a few good books. If she can get in a good read, relax, and clear her head, maybe she’ll find her way home.

Owen – Meanwhile, Owen just needs the gift of perspective, so that he can better understand what his wife is going through and find out the right way to help her whenever she does come back — which we’re sure she will in due time.

Jackson – Probably just a really good pillow given how tired he’s gotta be at this point!

Richard Webber – Can we get him one of those pills from “Limitless” so he can learn everything that there is to learn so that he can school Eliza Minnick and keep his job? (Well, one of those pills without the side effects would work…)

April – Maybe someone at the hospital can give her a “blind date” that is really just a date with Jackson so that these two can start to talk things over further.

Bailey – Here’s to hoping that Bailey finds a series of handwritten letters under her tree explaining why Richard is immeasurable to the hospital and its success.

Andrew – Dude needs a different kind of pill: A chill pill. He probably also needs to see “He’s Just Not That Into You” and apply the message to Jo.

Arizona – How about a teleporter so that she can hop back and forth to New York without too much trouble? Or, maybe she can befriend one of the speedsters from “The Flash.”

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