‘The Good Wife’ spin-off ‘The Good Fight’ will have swearing

One of the big questions that we first wondered when the news broke that “The Good Wife” was getting a spin-off over on the CBS All Access service entitled “The Good Fight” was simple: Would there be changes to the content of the show? Over on CBS, there are FCC regulations regarding what can and cannot be said, and while this was a show that often pushed the envelope, at the same exact time it never did so to such an extent that the series went completely overboard in violation. Now that it will be streaming, these regulations no longer hold.

Earlier this year with “Big Brother: Over the Top,” we saw a little bit more evidence of what a streaming show for CBS could look like, as there were f-bombs and very few things left to the imagination. Based on what executive producer Robert King had to say to TVLine, we’re going to see the same thing when it comes to “The Good Fight” and some of the language that is used on the show:

“Oh yeah, Diane is going to swear … There is nothing quite like hearing Christine Baranski swear.”

There is no clear indication as to what this said swearing will be, but this is confirmation that the show is going to continue to shake things up and push the envelope with this medium.

We also know that there is a perfectly good reason for Diane to swear given what we know about the story of the show: Her savings are going to be sapped away at the start of the series because of a scheme involving her daughter Maia (Rose Leslie), and in the process, the two will go to work for a different Chicago firm. The soul of the original show will still be there, but we imagine that we’ll also get to see some new characters and situations, as well.

The premiere of the new series will air on both CBS and the streaming service in February, with subsequent episodes coming to All Access subscribers only.

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