‘The 100’ season 4 could be as deadly as season 3

The 100 -The third season of “The 100” was certainly take-no-prisoners when it comes to its approach of removing lives from the equation, really to the point where it at times infuriated viewers. At the same time, there is a case to be made for doing this sort of thing in the sense that it really makes you feel like anything can happen. Other shows claim this, but other than a few isolated occasions (see “The Walking Dead”), they don’t live up to their billing.

For those hoping for a breather following what happened to Lexa and Lincoln, it doesn’t seem like one is coming based on what showrunner Jason Rothenberg told TVLine:

“This is a show where main characters die. Nobody is safe. To me, those are the kinds of shows I like, where you don’t know how it’s going to end… This is an intense drama where the characters you love may not make it. And if that’s not the kind of show you want to watch, then maybe it’s not for you.”

This is somewhat of a brazen statement by Rothenberg, but it does give us a good sense as to what the show’s mission statement is going to be entering season 4: Bold and unapologetic. At this point in its run, this is probably what it does need to be: A show that really gets people talking. The CW is a more competitive network than it used to be, and if it wants to stay on the air, it needs to keep people engaged and invested in the story.

The new season will premiere in the early going in 2017, and we know that it’s definitely starting off with a crazy-enough premise: A nuclear threat that could take out vast reaches of the earth. We’re sure somebody is going to die, and this is really a question of when. (Can we have a few episodes of peace first, and to reset the table a little bit?)

If you want to get some other news when it comes to “The 100,” be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: The CW.)

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