‘Scream Queens’ finale: Was it a worthy series finale if season 3 isn’t ordered?

Scream Queens -Tonight, “Scream Queens” gave you an hour to end season 2 that was at times crazy, but also at some others a little bit of a letdown. There wasn’t really any significant death beyond Cassidy’s, and while Taylor Lautner is a name actor, he wasn’t with the show from the beginning.

Not only that, but the killer in Nurse Hoffel wasn’t someone we knew for all that long, and we didn’t even know why she was doing what she did until we got near the end of the finale.

While there were some nice moments — it’s rather fun and terrifying that Hester and Dr. Holt seemingly found a way to do their serial-killer paradise with each other — at the same time the question is worth asking: Was this a great series finale if it turns out to be so? What it did right was offer up some closure, and it really didn’t give any of its surviving main characters terrible endings. Even Chanel Oberlin got for the most part what she wanted: The chance to be a TV doctor. She always wanted that more so than being an actual one. Even Dean Munsch got a chance to legitimately help people without having to worry about killers.

We do think that the finale was satisfying as a possible end to the series, but there could’ve been even more done to spice things up had the producers really wanted to go there and get crazy. The only season 3 tease we have is the return of the Red Devil. Maybe they saw the writing was on the wall and they didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up that the show was coming back, and this is why we’ve got this ending.

What do you think: If this is the end of “Scream Queens,” are you satisfied? Share now in the attached comments, and head over here to get some other reaction to tonight’s all-new episode. (Photo: Fox.)

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