‘Scream Queens’ season 2 finale reaction: Who’s the new Red Devil?

Scream Queens -The “Scream Queens” finale tonight, is one that is certainly airing with an added layer of expectations; after all, it had to figure out a way to tie up not just the season, but potentially the entire series since there was no guarantee at all that there would be more of the show on the other side of this.

What we saw tonight in this episode was a series of ridiculous moments, one right after the next. Much of it began with Dr. Holt decided to marry Dean Munsch as a little bit of a scheme so that he could get more control of the hospital, and then potentially running off with Hester. However, he didn’t haveĀ it within him to kill her during an operation, and learned not too long after that the truth: She wasn’t necessarily on her deathbed. Instead, she was merely suffering from extreme dehydration due to never drinking anything with actual water in it.

Following all of this, her celebration turned into an excuse for Nurse Hoffel a.k.a. the worst of the Green Meanies to lash out with her own brand of evil. She tried to murder all of the Chanels at once using a bomb, but a still-living Denise came to the rescue! She used her new training to defuse the bomb, which led to a ridiculous swamp chase where Hoffel (who was really after her revenge after her sister Agatha was killed) eventually found herself drowning in the muck. Before that, though, she also killed Cassidy with a well-placed knife.

In the time that passed following the finale, we saw things start to return to normal at the hospital, but for all sorts of chaos to unfold with Munsch’s personal life. Hester stole the money after posing as the former Dean, and she got her dream come true with Dr. Holt killing off tourists.

Also, Chanel eventually got to be a TV doctor — it was an awkward ending given that all of these bad people got what they wanted. This really felt like the series finale until the closing second, where Chanel got in a car and the Red Devil from season 1 was waiting for her. We do still think that it felt like a series finale regardless, but maybe this is a slight tease for what could come next.

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