The Walking Dead season 7 episode 13 review: Morgan goes full ‘Clear’

There aren’t many episodes of The Walking Dead season 7 left and it’s felt like it’s gone by way too fast. It feels like just yesterday we were watching Negan pulverize our beloved Glenn and Abraham to pieces with his bat Lucille. Now we are watching Rick and Michonne put together an army to take out Negan and free all of their respective communities from his reign of terror. We never saw Tara tell Rick about Oceanside, but we suspect she did, so now all we want to know is how Rick is going to handle this information. Can he bring Oceanside in on this plan or will he have to wipe them out to get their guns?

Well, we didn’t get an answer to that over the course of the hour tonight. Instead, we had a story about Morgan and his slow descent down. It all started with a cantaloupe. Seriously. This is how it began! Richard started plotting against Ezekiel recently in order to achieve his goal, and maybe he thought that riling Morgan up was going to be best way in order to do that. Instead, what it mostly did was make Morgan resent him to the point where he broke his longtime vow and killed. Richard may now represent a pawn to the larger plan, one where we ended up seeing Morgan go unhinged. With that back in his arsenal, you do have to wonder more of what he is capable of. Can he be the force for the group against the Saviors. Or, is he now unhinged?

The episode did once again a great job of establishing the moral dilemma that defines this show, but it also took its sweet time to get there. Arguably, it was too long, and this episode could’ve been pushed back down to an hour without those excess minutes. We don’t care so much about Benjamin or Richard. We do care about Morgan, and we do also care about Carol. This is why we were crushed to see Morgan go to her in the closing minutes and tell her the truth about what happened with Glenn and Abraham. He told her everything, and the look on Carol’s face basically said it all.

Oh, and Morgan now wants to dip out again, which shouldn’t shock anyone since dipping out is one of the things that he’s great at.

Where do we go from here?

Well, we assume that Carol is going to feel the need to unite and take on the Saviors. It may not be the right thing for her psychologically (this is why Daryl didn’t tell her), but it will be nice to have Melissa McBride in the fold again.

Here’s your overall question

Do a few great minutes at the end of an episode help to be a worth substitute for everything that aired before it? Is that enough? We would say yes and no. The ending was fantastic this week, but the beginning was far too slow and the episode far too long. Grade: B.

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