‘The Blacklist’ season 4 spoilers: This forecast is grim

The Blacklist logo any seasonIs “The Blacklist” looking to adopt format similar to the first season or two of the show when it returns in January? We’re not entirely sure that we can say that at the moment, but based on some of the earlier indications that are out there, there are some signs suggesting that there are some similar sort of villains coming up — namely, odd criminal masterminds who have bizarre names and commit very specific, albeit horrible, crimes.

For the show’s second episode back in the new year entitled “The Forecaster,” we are going to have an opportunity (though maybe that is the wrong word) to meet someone with a habit of announcing things before they happen. Liz Keen is going to learn about a case in this episode courtesy of a diorama arriving at her door showing a crime about to take place. Aren’t dioramas the sort of thing that you’re accustomed to seeing in second or third grade? Probably, but that’s beside the point. This just happens to be the way this mystery person likes to go about their business.

As for what else will be coming in this episode, the only other detail that we have at present is that Red is going to have an opportunity to explore a new “business opportunity,” and for this guy in particular, we have to assume that this could be a wide array of different things.

While it wasn’t mentioned in any details that received about this episode from NBC, one of the most interesting questions we have moving forward is just what the long-term role of Tom Keen is going to play on this season. Will he even be in this episode? It’s tough to say, but we have to presume that sooner or later, the character is going to need to migrate over to his own spin-off show “The Blacklist: Redemption,” which will take over the timeslot of the flagship show once it goes into hiatus.

(Photo: NBC.)

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